The Craft of Flavour at all New Kikibee’s Restaurant and Lounge

At last I have discovered a restaurant that I am eager to recommend to people. Kikibees restaurant and lounge has arrived with a bang and oh boy, has it come stay! Tucked snugly behind the KFC building in East Legon on the Bissau Avenue, it offers an array of experiences and a vast variety of mouth watering dishes. This little gem has three distinct parts which together, provide its customers with the unique atmosphere that so distinguishes it from any other restaurant I have been to. 

The open space lounge has two parallel rows of seating space facing the well stocked bar,  with four tables in each row. At the far end of the seating space is a raised platform where on Fridays the lounge offers beautiful live band music to guests. However that’s not all the fun! On Sunday evenings the lounge opens up the stage to customers for a fun night of karaoke.  The cool brightly colored walls and rightly  polished wooden tables exudes a sense of calm and swank enjoyment.

At the indoors restaurant the menu hits the right spot. An amply balanced combination of local of continental dishes presents dishes like the famous Eba and Egusi soup, all supreme Jollof rice garnished to perfection, beautifully tossed salads and varieties of soup among others. Kikibees is one of the few venues that specialise in SURINAME FOOD. There are no words to describe the sort of aromatic and delicious haven that Kikibees provides its customers with its well thought out menu. 

And if the goodies mentioned above is not enough to totally blow your mind I saved the best for last (wink) ! Right in front of the restaurant sitting majestically in the lovely green garden are the four little Cabanas. Each Cabana has a woven couch than can comfortably accommodate at least four people with extra woven stools and a table. It’s a surprisingly private affair with its drawn back curtains and airy interior.  

On a busy weekend evening one will find the lounge filled with chatter and laughter as it’s patrons enjoy the dimly lighted ambience to soothing music and amazing cocktails. It is never overcrowded but amply filled. And in the Cabanas, friends and loved ones alike cozy up to a more private affair with the complete attention of waiters who fulfil their requests rightly and on time . The restaurant will not be out shined however, by feeding patrons with the goodies its menu offers. Truly Kikibees is a wonder to experience. 

Kikibees is really the best place to #meetandeat

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